Festival/Outdoor Event Planning Tips

Outdoor events are great, as they allow for more flexibility and creativity when it comes to planning. Outdoor events also present many challenges unique to indoor event planning. While there may be many details to take into consideration, PWI is here to minimize the stress! Here are the top 5 tips to remember when planning any outdoor event. 

Get a Permit and Check Ordinances

The fastest way to get an event shutdown is due to improper or no permits. The first thing that should be done after selecting a venue is contacting the correct authorities and obtaining appropriate permits. Common types of permits needed include food, alcohol, tents or canopy structure, temporary use, and sidewalk/street activities. Checking up on city ordinances can be especially important as well, as some cities have them prohibiting noise after a certain time. Fire and safety codes should also be looked into, all which the local police and fire departments should help with.

Have a Logistics and Layout Plan 

Have a map of the venue, sketch and mark out where equipment is to be loaded in, each vendor is to set up, trucks are to be parked, etc. A meeting should be held at the venue in advance with all suppliers, vendors, performers, and anyone else that has a stake in the event. Coordinating anything possible in advance will help the entire even day to run much smoother.  

Remember Restrooms 

Lack of proper facilities can ruin any event. If the venue doesn’t provide restrooms, renting portables is a must. Also be sure that the amount rented is appropriate for the number of attendees and staff. 

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Watch the Weather and have a Backup Plan 

Start monitoring the weather forecast as far in advance as possible. Have a plan for any unfavorable conditions such as wind, rain, low temperatures, etc. Take precaution by anchoring everything down and having tents, portable heaters, or portable ac units ready. If there’s rain in the forecast have a plan for where all water-susceptible equipment will go. Just to be safe, invest in weather insurance. Weather is the most common reason for event cancellation and this way you won’t be completely out for all the lost revenue. 

Don’t Forget Clean Up 

Even though the event is over, the work is not. Clean up efforts should be discussed in advance. Make arrangements with local sanitation departments or assign a crew responsible to clean up immediately after the event ends. Some venues may charge a fine or take deposits if proper cleanup was not completed. 

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