What to do With Your Christmas Tree

Christmas has come and gone, and those of us who opt for natural trees are now faced with the dilemma… what to do with it!?

As much as we may love them, the time comes sooner or later to say goodbye to our Christmas trees.

Whether your tree is real or artificial, there are a number of alternatives to leaving it on the curb. Here are some ideas and recommendations from Pro Waste Inc. on what you can do with your tree after the holidays.

1. Re-plant it in your yard

Become an urban gardener and re-plant your Christmas tree; If it still has some spring left in it – then put it in the ground and let it live on.

Then next year, you can decorate it for that urban festive feel.

As a bonus suggestion – use your Christmas tree needles in your compost. They’re acidic and so balance out alkaline, like wood ash.

2. Use it for outdoor fires

If you have a wood-burning fire in your house, you should NOT burn your tree. That’s because the tree has not been treated to eliminate creosote, a chemical that builds up in trees and burns too hot for indoor fires. However, it’s safe to use in your fire pit! Dry the tree out this winter to use all summer long.

Looking to keep that fresh pine smell indoors? Why not use the needles to give your front room a pine fresh smell by mixing it with some pot pourri?

If you search for a way to do it online, you can also make pine resin oil from the needles to go in soap, candles and lotions.

3. Mulch it!

Simply break your tree/s into small bits with whatever tools you have on hand. Don’t worry about the needles–if they end up in the soil they’ll help your plants retain moisture.  Win/win.

4. Recycle it

Take a minute to search the internet for what your town recommends, or call your local dumpster rental company. Many communities will collect Christmas trees curbside for two or three weeks after the holidays so consider hiring a roll-off dumpster.

Pro Waste Inc. sort and remove your junk to be recycled, donated, or disposed of properly in a sanitary landfill.

Happy 2023 from the team at Pro Waste Inc! Contact us here today.